How to Win at Instagram Stories

After awhile, you think-

"Why am I doing this?"

"Why I can't reach the audience I worked so hard to grow in the first place?"

"Is it me? Is it my content?"

"What's the point??"



You have a unique voice that needs to shine 💫 

You DESERVE for the content you worked so hard on to be seen by your followers.

It's not fair that because of some stupid algorithm, you can't get in front of your OWN audience that's taken years to build.

That's why what I'm about to show you will change your world.

I want you to imagine that instead of struggling, you were...

❤️  Creating content that your audience is hooked on from the very first second

❤️  Confident because you have the same tricks that the "big bloggers" use in your back pocket

❤️  Smiling every time you look at your your steadily increasing views

❤️  Excited that you're reaching so much more of your audience

❤️  Spending your precious time creating better content, rather than worrying about if your posts are going to tank or not

❤️ Getting paid MORE on your collabs because you've got the stats to prove you've got the reach


The Ultimate

Instagram Story


Become a Story QUEEN

And never say "my story views suck" EVER again.

The science of keeping 'em watching & wanting more 🍿 

Fact: Did you know that there are 500 million people that use stories every day? The verdict is in. Instagram stories are the most powerful way to reach your audience!

The Ultimate Instagram Story Maximizer is every single tip I know to keep your followers hanging off of your every word. 

Not to mention every hack that outsmarts the Instagram stories algorithm and gets your content SEEN, honey!

Other influencers want to keep these tricks close to their vest, but I'm here to spill it all!

Just for starters, you'll learn...

👏 Why hashtags AREN'T the end-all strategy for stories (but how to get the most out of them anyway)

👏 The #1 way to take your audience from passive to active on stories

👏 The obvious but overlooked element of hooking your audience

👏 My top tip for making your followers into your very own super-loyal crew 

👏 My exact strategy for making feed content and story content a feedback loop of engagement

👏 Which little-known trick many pro Influencers use to keep their audience constantly hyped about their content

👏 Why asking your followers this one little thing could skyrocket your views

I'm Chantilly, by the way! I'm a full-time content creator and influencer from NYC.

I've been steadily growing my following for the past three years, and have caught the eye and booked campaigns with brands like Dunkin', Amazon, Whole Foods, and Carnival Cruise to name a few ðŸ©ðŸš¢ðŸ“

Story views are a HUGE part of brand campaigns, and I've had to figure out solutions when they've dipped because of algorithm changes. So I'm here to spill the tea on what helped me the most...


Look good? This Maximizer gives you the tools to make it happen!

✨  Keep your audience watching your content longer âœ¨

✨ Reduce ‘forwards’, ‘exits’, and ‘nexts’ âœ¨

✨ Bump up your algorithmic standing on Instagram, which leads to ✨

✨✨ Reach more of your audience and send your views and engagement into the stratosphere! 🚀 âœ¨âœ¨

So this is the deal!

Here's what you'll get!

The Ultimate Instagram Story Maximizer, a 32-page ebook packed with my best tips, tricks, and algorithm hacks, and absolutely NO fluff ($47 value)

Bonus Story Maximizer Workbook- Including my Maximizer checklist, tracker, and a quiz. To make sure you're you've absorbed all that good info in the strategy and track your results! (bonuses a $19 value)

The Maximizer Story 30-day ChallengeDouble your results! In this challenge, I take you through 30 fun-filled days dedicated to perfecting the skills we learned in the Maximizer, and connecting with your audience. Resulting in skyrocketing views, and multiplying your sales! ($47 value)

Story Challenge Workbook- A game-changer for your stories! This workbook helps you come up with content ideas and keep track of your views. That way you can see at a glance what's working for you and what's not. ($25 value)

Set of 15 Story Templates - For when you're particularly stumped for content, these are great for those days where you just can't.  ($25 value.)

All this for $̶16̶6̶ ̶ $66!!

🌟 It's time for you to become the story views ROCKSTAR that you already know you are 🌟

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